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The Mokin are a group in Thailand that are nomadic and have a sea-based culture. 

In the sea there is less light, so usually one’s iris will dilate. But the Mokin have an adaption where instead of dilating, they constrict as much as possible. 

This allows them to see with much better clarity. Recent studies suggest that any child can quickly learn this trick. It exemplifies how well our brain adapts to our environment. 


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occupation: inappropriate friend who makes sexual jokes despite being a fucking virgin


want a full blog rate?go onto my blog, click on the a’d at the very top of the page, browse/click around for a few minutes and then message me what the a’d was about. X


want a full blog rate?
go onto my blog, click on the a’d at the very top of the page, browse/click around for a few minutes and then message me what the a’d was about. X



I’ve always liked jellyfish, even tho they can be scary as hell sometimes.


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One of the things I haven’t seen people talking about are Sam’s wings.  For a portion of the scenes he’s flying in, you can see he’s controlling the wings manually with his hands.  They’re basically an extension of his arms; if he wants to gain altitude, he basically flaps his arms to get it.

It’s more than that, though.  The wings enable him to move with a very high degree of maneuverability, most likely by translating his subtle body language into movement.  And Sam is good enough at it to be able to avoid anti-aircraft artillery fire and to dodge between aircraft at high speed.

But later, when he’s using both hands to fire guns, how is he controlling his wings?  While the helicarriers are taking off, Sam is using both hands to fire machine guns.  And while doing that, he flies down the the flight deck close enough to kick a guy in the chest, hover, turn around, and fire again.  How is he doing that without manually controlling his wings?

That’s some really advanced tech, and that also means that Sam has had a lot of physical training.  He’s unconsciously aware, like Natasha, like Steve, of his body and the rules of physics, which allow him to use a mechanical apparatus that allows him to fly exactly like a bird of prey does.

Seriously, rewatch the movie, and pay attention to Sam when he’s flying.  He has to have the three-dimensional awareness of a pilot, the timing of a sharpshooter, and the physicality and body awareness of a gymnast.   If you thought he was amazing before, you really had no idea how amazing he is.